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The tail of Curious George

Curious George had a tail

Curious George did not have a tail

The curious tale of his tail

Most people are surprised to learn Curious George first made an appearance in 1939.

Those experiencing this Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect are even more surprised to find no reference to his tail, which they are certain they remember him having whilst growing up watching him.

There's an issue over whether he is a monkey or an ape, because monkeys have tails and apes don't.

People are even reporting remembering stories actually involving his tail, such as him hanging from it whilst stealing bananas and getting ice cream on it, etc.

A curious tail indeed! Mickey Mouse to the rescue...

This isn't the only Mandela Effect related to animated characters' tails. The joke is that Goerge seemed to lose his to Mickey Mouse, because Mickey seems to have gained one.

There's also some confusion over a live action movie with curious George as CGI, done in they style of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" but starring Will Ferrell. There's no trace of this anywhere now, so is quite possibly another Mandela Effect in it's own right.

Dual memories reported

Fiiona Broome discovered something really interesting regarding his tail. From the mandelaeffect.com website:

It’s also the first where I’ve seen people pause and say, “Wait. I remember him with a tail, but I can also see him without one. How can that be…?” In the past, I’ve referred to those as “dual memories.” People have reported many dual memories at this site. That’s when two conflicting memories — nearly identical in most (but not all) respects — seem to be competing with each other. Sometimes, both memories seem equally “real.” More often, people report the other memory as something vague, distant, or less real. However, they’re adamant that they have both memories, and can’t explain why.


Here's a video covering the Curious George missing tail Mandela Effect: