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Mickey Mouse's tail

Mickey Mouse has no tail

Mickey Mouse has a tail

The strange tale of Mickey's tail

Did Mickey Mouse always have a tail?

References today show he did, but many don't remember him having one at all. In fact, some who suddenly become aware of this Mandela Effect describe a shock when they look again at photos and videos because they describe the "new" tail as "looking wrong" and "out of place". Even on clothing, such as old t shirts and sweat shirts, where the ink for the tail has worn in exactly the same way as the rest of the image meaning it can't have been somehow "recently added".  

It's odd that people remember Pluto having a tail, since he was around at exactly the same time. Also, if Micky Mouse had a tail it would be very noticable in Disneyland since there re many people wandering about all day wearing a costume of him.

Steamboat Willie

He certainly had one in his first cartoon - a long black one, too. Steamboat Willie is the subject of another Mickey Mouse Mandela Effect - the one concerning his suspenders.

It's just that so many people are reporting his tail "seeming out of place".

Saving Mr Banks

Here's something curious too - the shadow of Mickey on the Saving Mr Banks poster has no tail either:

saving mr banks 300x444

Disney statue

If there's one place you'd expect the definite answer it's the statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse actually at Disneyland, but there too he has no tail. Note that with the Mandela Effect, statues can change too ;-)

walt disney mickey mouse statue 300x225

Official merchandise

Even the product line Disney has released has differences regarding the tail. Check out this clock:

mickey mouse clock 322x304

Long tail

When Mickeys tail is seen, it's often very long and black - more like one associated with a rat than a mouse: