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The day after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald, his alleged murderer, was shot by Jack Ruby in front of the world's press. This is well documented, and everyone knows so because they've seen the film of it. However, some are now saying the film itself has changed from the one they remember, and the one seen today is definitely not the one shown at the time. This raises the question of whether two films were made, or the original has somehow been changed. Is this another MMDE at work?

The problem is the angles are all different from the video some people remember, not the actual action. It's particularly strange because the same is being said of the Kennedy assassination itself. No-one is arguing what is on the films has changed, just the angles they were filmed from. Unless there actually were two separate cameramen, and the "other" film has somehow resurfaced...

There were two films of him being shot?

Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby ran the Carousel Club at the time JFK was shot, and was sentenced to death for shooting Oswald. He was originally called Jacob Leon Rubenstein, but changed his name because "everyone was calling him Jack Ruby anyway". Various theories surround his motivation for killing Oswald, mainly centred on his connections to organised crime. In particular, he was suspected of running a prostitution ring and supplied girls to many high officials and police officers in Dallas at the time.

When Ruby heard of JFK's assassination, and learned his killer had been taken to the Dallas Police Headquarters, he notified his staff they were closing early that night and went over to the station. He'd been in the station many times before, so knew they layout. He impersonated a press officer to get closer, even attending a press conference and correcting one of the answers. A few days later, he mingled with reporters as Oswald was marshalled away, stepped out of the crowd and shot him once in the stomach. Oswald died in the same hospital JFK died two days earlier.

Famous videos, viewed years later, might appear to change for some people who don't remember the specific details. That doesn't seem to be the case here - the Mandela Effect is that they did pay attention at the time and are certain the angles are all different. The most relevant example of this is the Kennedy assassination itself, with the number of people in the motorcade car being the subject of a Mandela Effect itself.