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Kennedy Assassination

How many do you remember?

MMDE: 4 in the car

Current: 6 in the car

So here we are at the mother of all conspiracy theories.

Putting aside the man behind the grassy knoll etc for the moment, the concern here is how many people were in the car when Kennedy was shot? Many people remember 4, but all records today show 6, i.e. another Mandela Effect.

It's been pointed out that even though the video has been seen many times by many people since that fateful day in Dallas, 1963, the front 2 are obscured and with a 6 seater being the exception, unless you specifically tuned into it you'd have no reason to particularly remember that detail.


Even when watching the video, because people tend to only focus on the shooting, for obvious reasons, other details such as the number of people in the car, get less attention.

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