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Fonzie's Jacket

What color was the Jacket The Fonz wore?

MMDE: Black

Current: Brown

Many people remember The Fonz, with his trademark slicked back black hair, greeting of "Aaaaaay!" and his black bomber jacket with the large collar.

The trouble is there's something wrong with this description - his jacket was brown.

There are photos of him on the internet wearing what appears to be a darker, almost black one, but officially it really was brown. This is so because it's on display in the National Museum of American History.

Furthermore, the original jacket was the subject of "I've got a secret", where it is indeed brown when pulled from the box at the end.

Happy Days

His character was ranked number 4 on the 50 greatest TV characters of all time in 1999 by TV Guide.

As it happens, this isn't the first Mandela Effect related to The Fonz. Some remember him dying in 2014 or 2017.