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Andrew Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods?

There are many references today on the internet to Android Zimmerman being the host of Bizarre Foods, yet the reality is he was called Android Zimmern.

Sometimes the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect can be the result of people not paying enough attention when something else comes up which has some common element, and the two become conflated in peoples minds. It's almost as if they partly remember most, but not all, of the details and when "filling in the blanks" the missing part turns out to be wrong, because its from a different event. When Bizarre Foods was popular, George Zimmerman was in the news too.

Could the confusion just be a result of a mispronunciation of Andrews unusual surname whilst George was all over the news too? 


Zimmern is the lesser well-known name when considering it against Zimmerman. He's one of the best known American culinary experts with many TV and radio appearances besides the one he's best-known for, Bizarre Foods.  He also authored the book The Bizarre Truth: How I Walked Out the Door Mouth First . . . and Came Back Shaking My Head, He's not without controversy either, for example his comments caused upset regarding Chinese Restaurants in the US.

The confusion over the name also predates the popular rise of the Mandela Effect in 2012, for example in a question on Yelp in 2010.

People were so sure his name was Zimmerman that when the George Zimmerman shooting scandal broke, they wondered if he was any relation. 

Those who remember Zimmern say Zimmerman just doesn't look o feel right. This spelling ME is a little different in that the pronunciation of the two does differ, where as many of the others of this kind, such as Febreeze/Febreze, Hellmanns/Helmans or Skechers/Sketchers etc sound the same even though they would be spelt differently.