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Fly my pretties fly

Fly My Pretties, Fly!

Fly, Fly, Fly!

What does the Witch cry when she releases the monkeys?

Where on earth did the phrase "Fly my pretties, fly!" come from if it wasn't in the Wizard of Oz? Many people remember the wicked witch saying this as she released her flying monkeys. The problem is, if they do remember it being in the movie they are experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect, because no reference to it today can be found there.

The Wizard of Oz gets the prize for the most Mandela Effects in one movie, some of which are documented here, here and here.

The phrase "Fly my pretties, fly!" is very well-known and there are many references to be found in popular culture and the internet, ranging from The Simpsons to rock bands.

The witch does call Dorothy "My Pretty", but that's about the only remaining connection to the phrase, and seems a stretch to associate it with releasing flying monkeys.

Condensed Synopsis

There are several kinds of Mandela Effect. Some are concerned with spelling, others logos etc. One class has been termed Condensed Synopsis, and its where a term or even scene has come to represent the bare essence of a part of the work, as if it's all that is needed to trigger a memory which can then be reassembled later, when recalled. Certain key elements of the work will be present, and it's almost as if the brain uses these to "kick" the real memory to mind by expanding on the retrieved snippet. This process means the actual events don't need to have occurred as long as they are enough for the brain to continue this retrieval process from the elements it contains. This process appears to be fallable. For many, the condensed synopsis, becomes stored as the literal memory, even though that's not it's purpose. To support this function, it doesn't matter if the snippet actually happened of not, yet it is still recorded as such. A great example is Luke, I am your Father

It would appear this Mandela Effect is also of this type. People remember the witch, and she did call Dorothy "My Pretty", releasing the monkeys whilst urging them to "Fly, fly, fly", but apparently not together in the same scene.