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The coat of Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil wore a white coat with black dots

Cruella De Vil wore a yellow coat

101 Golden Retrievers?

Here's the second Mandela Effect relating to Disney's 1961 animated classic "101 Dalmatians". Whilst the other one is concerned with how you spell Cruella's name, this one is about the coat she wore.

Many are remembering the coat being the same as the dalmatians, that is black with white polka dots, yet today it's seen as an enlarged yellow mass of fur.

This idea is reinforced by the sole premise of the story - Cruella wants the dalmatians in order to turn them into fur coats. Those experiencing this Mandela Effect are saying the coat being yellow makes no sense any more.


Cruella is a very wealthy woman, but the last in her family line. She married a man who is never named, not even by her, and supposedly it was only because he was a furrier by trade. Rather than her change her name, as is the tradition when a woman marries, she kept her family surname and forced her new husband to change his.

1996 live-action remake

When Glenn Close played Cruella in the live-action remake, she wore a large red coat. The story line there is emphasised more by bringing in a new character, Mr. Skinner, specifically to remove the coats of the dalmatians.