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Cruella DeVille

Cruel devil

MMDE: Cruella DeVille

Current: Cruella De Vil

The villain in Disney's '101 Dalmations' had a name which was a clever play on words - Cruella De Vil. Or did she? Searches now find only references to Cruella DeVille, and many are putting this down to more than a false memory but a Mandela Effect.

Could this be caused by the fact she drove a DeVillle car in the movie? It had the license plate "DE VIL", so that doesn't really help settle things either way.

The movie was actually based on a book by Dodie Smith, and at the end Mr's Darling comments on how fitting her name is, because she really is a devil. Again, this just reinforces the play on the "devil" name either way, and doesn't help clear things up.