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James Bond


MMDE: The name's Bond, James Bond

Current: My name is Bond, James Bond

All the Bond actors apart from Daniel Craig used the line "My name is Bond, James Bond" or just "Bond, James Bond" when introducing themselves.

This comes as a suprise to many people who aren't familiar with this, because the phrase "The name's Bond, James Bond" is the first thing they usually blurt out when asked what they remember it to be.

The reason for this false memory isn't very clear - perhaps using "The" rather than "My" is a less personal way of saying it, which would fit in better with his spy roles. 

In any case, those experiencing this false memory are usually shaken and stirred.

"Bond, James Bond"

The second part of the phrase certainly isn't in doubt, and itself has a rich history. It was first heard in 1962's Dr No, and created by Ian Fleming in his 1953 Casino Royale novel.