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Dolly, the girl Jaws met, wore braces

Dolly, the girl Jaws met, did not wear braces

When Jaws fell in love

During what is regarded as James Bonds "comedy" years, Moonraker in 1979 featured the seemingly invincible baddie "Jaws", played by the formidable Richard Kiel.  

Known as Jaws because of his fearsome metal teeth, he ended up crashing a cable car and emerging from the wreckage, only to see a sweet young girl approach to the sound of majestic violins. There is a brief awkward moment, when their eyes first meet across the dust and rubble, then the camera zooms into his face and he gives a huge flash of his sharp silver dentures. Then the girls face is shown as she smiles back, and here's where the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect kicks in - was she wearing metal braces too?

Not any more

Many remember this, and are saying it was a kind of "bonding" (oh dear) between them which would fit the story perfectly, since they then stroll away hand in hand to Bonds amusement as he watches from a distance.

Videos today show a perfect set of teeth with no braces. The fact she was wearing them is even mentioned in other places, such as Bond websites. Here's one take on this:

It turns out Jaws and the girl, Dolly, play a crucial role later in the movie when Bond persuades them to turn against Drax, the villain, because they would not fit in with his plans after taking over the world and repopulating with "perfect" humans. So clearly them getting together in the first place is significant, but would it have needed that extra touch of them both having metal in their mouths?

Parody websites make it clear the fact she wore them is an obvious plot point: