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If there ONE thing you don't mess with, this is it

Another letter "A" Mandela Effect? There seems to be a pattern with this, for example the sloping "A" in the Terminator 2 title.

It's origins lie back with the ancient Greeks, but the first real recipe for this fantastic traditional Italian recipe was found in an English cookbook of 1390!

Some are claiming the spelling has changed from lasagne to lasagna, and others that it's the other way round. 

Entering either into Google search throws up a split between the two, so this isn't your typical Mandela Effect where one variation greatly outweighs the other.

In any case, you're probably getting hungry already no matter how it's spelt!


One explanation put forward is the distinction arises beacause one is singular and the other is the plural form of the word. In British English, it's Lasagna which is dominant, and this is the plural.

Those who remember it exclusively as Lasagna claim the spelling has changed to Lasagne in the exact places they first saw it, so they are saying it really is a Mandela Effect in the same vein as The Berenstain Bears

There's a very clear explanation for the distinction too. It doesn't means a waiter skillfully balancing a dozen dishes as he navigates a busy restaurant either. The singular, lasagna,  is one sheet of pasta. Now that wouldn't make for a very wholesome meal, so of course it's usual to layer many of them together to create the disk we all love. Many together means "multiple", so the plural form is needed, which is indeed the word lasagne. 

Technically, lasagna could also refer to just one dish, even though it contained many sheets of pasta, but that's overcomplicating things by far.

Here's YouTuber Brian MacFarlane's take on all this: