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The Mandela Effect - The movie

A full movie based on the Mandela Effect is announced!

Periscope Entertainment has announced a new movie titled "The Mandela Effect", a psychological sci-fi-thriller, is to begin filming in June 2017 and is based on a story by David Guy Levy and Steffen Schlachtenhaufen. The IMDB listing currntly has it in "pre-production.

Not much in the way of story details have been released yet, but the film centers around “a man who becomes obsessed with facts and events that have been collectively misremembered by thousands of people. Believing the phenomena to be the symptom of something much larger, his obsession eventually leads him to question reality itself.”

Slowly but surely the mainstream is recognizing the Mandela Effect is being experienced by more and more people every day, for example the hit TV show "Mr. Robot" featured the Berenst*in Bears in a story line.  

David Guy Levy

This movie is the second from the Levy/Schlachtenhaufen team - the first was the horror movie "Would You Rather".

Levy is no stranger to offbeat sci-fi - here he describes some of his earlier work, "Back to Back to the Future" in 2013, a twist on the movie which ironically itself featured in many real-life later Mandela Effects: