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The Fortgotten

She knows she had a son - everyone else denies it

Warning - there are spoilers ahead, so if you don't want to know what happens in this movie stop reading now.

The 2004 movie "The Forgotten" features an eerie echo of the Mandela Effect.

The plot centres around a woman who's son dies in a plane crash, but later everyone she meets says she never had one, nor can she find any traces of him ever existing.

It's a psychological thriller which follows her nightmare journey trying to understand what's happening to her. She ends up seeing a psychiatrist who also tells her she is delusional. There is literally no evidence to her ever having a son at all, yet she knows and believes she did at a very deep level, which is ultimately what the film is all about.


It turns out she is the victim of a plot, in which the perpetrators have the ability to alter peoples memories. This is similar to the MMDE, although there's no connection to time travel or parallel universes here. 

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Unknown forces

The movie didn't get great reviews, and is relatively obscure today.

If the MMDE is real and some intelligent force is behind it, it could well turn out to be along the lines of this film, such as the government and/or aliens being involved. An obvious huge difference is that for the most part, the heroine is alone in her beliefs, whereas by definition an MMDE needs a significant group. Although on this point, things do get interesting when another character suddenly starts to remember - and not just random things, but their shared past.

Even though the ending is done in true Hollywood style, this movie is quite suspenseful and is essential viewing for anyone interested in the MMDE and Mandela Effect.