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Mandela Daze

BREAKING! The Mandela Effect is confirmed!

News just in - we have the exclusive on the Mandela Effect being confirmed for real. 

"Mandela Daze" has the scoop - it features a couple of regular dimwits "navigating a world where a real Mandela Effect" happens every day.

This blockbuster is brought you you in the form of a "Rick and Morty"  style animated cartoon, funded via Kickstarter.

The plan is to make the best show in history. The pilot is done, and the kickstarter campaign is to fund 3 seasons of 12 episodes each.

From the Story page:

As the world plunges into chaos with the once-mythical "Mandela Effect" scientifically confirmed, two dim-witted losers navigate the sci-fi glitches and anomalies introduced into their daily lives in an attempt to keep their pointless existence as unaffected as possible.

-- Mandela Daze


The idea is the brainchild of 3 dudes having a little too much time on their hands for various reasons, a big one being the covid lockdown of 2020.

They are in Australia so are asking for a few singles to help them out, singles being the slang word there for coins, and they'd prefer them to be thrown in their y fronts, or so they say on the kickstarter page.


The team

The Mandela Daze team are Caelan Cavanagh, Harvey Withington and Rodney Evans.

It's adult humour is not safe for kids in the same way Family Guy or South Park isn't, although with family Guy  now costing a reported $1m per episode to make, it's not safe for the producers wallet either.

In any case, this a fantastic, refreshing take on the Mandela Effect which deserves to succeed. This is why they need backers, and it's a tight timescale considering they've already put 4 months into the project. So come one folks, you know what to do - head on over to the kickstarter page and drop 'em some singles!

Here's the pilot: