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Philip K Dick

His description is uncanny

An amazing video of Philip K Dick - the massively influential author who's works led to Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, The Matrix and the cyberpunk movement amongst many others - has surfaced in which he describes what is being called today The Mandela Effect.

His work often focussed on stories revolving around identity. A recurring theme was for an individual to slowly realise their world is not what they thought it was, and to discover that a powerful outside force had constructed a completely believable illusion which they had been living in.

In the video he describes frequently experiencing deja vu, for which he believed was more than just a memory trick. He'd had health issues, and taken various medications for years, which some point to as contributing to these. Even so, as the saying goes: it's the message which matters, not the messenger.

The Metz Sci-Fi Convention speech, France 1977

Philip described some experiences which sound like drug induced hallucinations, as well as accurate premonitions. He even goes so far as to admit many of his future writings were events he'd literally "seen" beforehand, and written from fragments of these memories.

He actually says "we are living in a computer programmed reality, and the only clue we have to it is when some variable is changed." Something like Mandela dying perhaps, or how to spell the Berenstein Bears?

He touches on these themes in a more detailed interview at the Metz Convention: