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As is it wasn't mysterious enough, the Mandela Effect's similarity to the word Mandala is also seen by many as significant. This is because the word is a Sanskrit term meaning "circle", and it's symbol represents the universe. Taken literally, the "Manda" is a palace, the "La" is the center and taken together it describes the abode of the deity. In Hinduism and Buddhism it features as a spiritual symbol used in certain rituals. Whilst described generally as a repeating, petal like structure similar to a flower, like a snowflake each individual instance can take a unique form.

Sometimes the center of a Mandala actually shows a palace, which has 4 doorways pointing towards the four corners of the earth. It is protected by several inner circles, each of which symbolise a particular quality such as love, wisdom, devotion or purity for example. There can be other symbols at the heart of the Mandala too, including a lightning bolt for the male and a bell for the female.