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Theme from "Friends"

"I'll be there for you ..."

MMDE: When the rain starts to fall

Current: When the rain starts to pour

Did ITV's Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway uncover a new Mandela Effect?

On Sat April 7th, 2018, the show featured The Rembrandts, who are best known for their "I'll be there for you" theme tune to the hit 90's show "Friends". It's been a huge favorite since it first aired, and has enjoyed an almost constant re-run presence since. The theme tune is loved and well-known to millions, yet most were caught out, as was one of the contestants, when asked to complete the line after the first "I'll be there for you". They said "when the rain starts to fall", whereas it's seen today as "when the rain starts to pour".

Being on national TV meant Twitter went crazy too, with many people commenting on how stunned they were to have been wrong all these years.


The Rembrandts are (unfairly) as well known for being a one hit wonder band, but boy, when your hit is this big I don't think you'll hear them complaining too much: