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Gilligan's Island black hat


Navy blue

What color was the Skipper's hat?

Many people look at the photos and clips of the Skipper from Gilligans Island wearing a black hat, as seen today, and are sure there's something very off about it. They just don't remember it being black.

Most remember it being navy blue, but some also remember white, some grey etc. It's complicated by the fact when the show first came out in 1964, most saw it on black and white TV's so wouldn't have been able to easily tell the difference. As color took off later, these earlier impressions may have been the ones that came up years later, so the memory of the color didn't change.

There's another very closely related alternate memory around Gilligan's hat too - many remember it as being white, but all references today show it to have been tan all along.

Gilligan isn't the Skipper

Oddly enough, many people remember the Skippers hat not for being worn but for being used to hit Gilligan with by the Skipper.

The show was watch by so many millions and was so popular that it seems amazing any part of it can be up for discussion, but there are hardcord fans who did pay attention to such details, yet still swear that hat was black.