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I was a teenage Gary

There's an episode from the early days of SpongeBob SquarePants which has been hotly discussed amongst it's fans for years. The title of the episode is "I was a teenage Gary". It's interesting because it fits the exact pattern of a Mandela Effect without them realising that's what it is, because it concerns a scene many of them remember but can't find any references to today apart from those memories.

The scene is where Squidward gets accidentally injected with a medicine not meant for him, and he turns into a snail. The actual transformation is missing today, but there are many who remember seeing it and instantly wondered, when watching re-runs, why it had been deleted.


Spongebob Squarepants is the fifth longest-running American animated show, and has generated over $13 billion in sales and associated merchandising revenue. It's roots go back to 1989 when it's creator, Stephen Hillenburg, wrote an educational book which was never published: The Intertidal Zone. The show made the headlines when in 2011, a fungus in the real world was named after him: Spongiforma squarepantsii.


The focus here is that the fans are particularly attentive to every detail in the show. They know something is up with the missing scene, but don't have a name for it or explanation. Of course, when groups of people share the same false memory, we call it a Mandela Effect, even when it's within a closed group such as this one.

Other SpongeBob Mandela Effects

If you search for "SpongBob SquarePants Mandela Effects" you find quite a few, ranging from things he says being different, scenes missing and scenes changed. Some of these reports go back quite a while too, although he'd most likely grin and shout "No problemo!" if asked :-)