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Sex and the City

The notorious "in/and" debate

MMDE: Sex in the City

Current: Sex and the City

Was the TV series from 1998 onwards called "Sex AND the City" or "Sex IN the City"?

Look it up today, and you'll see "Sex and the City" everywhere, but those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect remember it as "Sex in the City".

There are quite a few references to "Sex in the City" too, including the awards ceremony shown in this video.

This could be another simple slurring of the connecting term however, as in the "Interview with/a Vampire" MMDE. If you say either "Sex in the City" or "Sex and the City" often enough (or quickly) it just becomes "Sex n the City", and this is what could then become lodged in the mind as its actual name. 


With Mandela Effects, there is often talk of "residue". This refers to evidence of whatever ME is being discussed being available for both ways, and it's usually the old way which has the least amount. In fact most ME's don't have any reside at all - it's only in people's memories. 

The Sex and the City ME is unusual in that there appears to be as much reside for the "old" way as there is for the new one.