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George and Gracie

George said "Say goodnight, Gracie" and Gracie replied?

MMDE: Goodnight, Gracie

Current: Goodnight

Many people (of a certain age) remember the way George Burns always ended his Burns and Allen show from the 1950's onwards. His partner, Gracie Allen, was portrayed as being a friendly nice-but-scatterbrained character, so when he ended by turning to her and saying "Say goodnight, Gracie", she supposedly replied "Goodnight Gracie".

This meme has been repeated many times over the decades since the show.

The problem is those who remember it as so are experiencing an MMDE, because she didn't say this - she replied with just "Goodnight".

The origin of the phrase doesn't seem to have dissuaded those who swear she said it.

The Burns and Allen show

The show ran from 1950 to 1958 on CBS, and won many Emmy award nominations during its run.