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"Where's me Spinach?"

MMDE: Popeye's enemy was always called Brutus

Current: Popeye's enemy was sometimes Bluto, sometimes Brutus

Everyone remembers Popeye always chasing Olive Oyl for her affections. His rival, a loud, bearded, beefy sailor featured in many storylines. What was that sailor's name in most episodes? If you said "Brutus", you'd be wrong. Sure, there was a name change involved later, but for most of the episodes he was actually called "Bluto".

He's shown as not very smart, instead relying on his strength to carry out whatever caper he's involved with. Usually, just when Popeye seemed defeated by this, he'd flip open his can of trusty spinach and then, with his new but short-lived superhero strength, be able to defeat him once more.

In fact his name was changed in 1957 from Bluto to Brutus due to fear of a copyright infringement. Since then, there have been attempts to portray them as separate people - twins in fact.

It's spinach due to a technical inaccuracy

Why does spinach give Popeye his strength? There is an amusing reason for this story. When calculating the iron content of various foods, a German chemist misplaced a decimal point which no-one noticed, so they belived it had 10x the actual value. This happened 50 years before Popeye came onto the scene, so when the creators needed a gimmick to use in the story, chose spinach as it seemed to give the boost he wanted.

Of course, no-one dare argue the point with Popeye when he's

strong to the finish, 'cause I eats my spinach :-)