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Paul Merton

Others remember but he doesn't?

A clip has emerged of a possible Mandela Effect involving the popular British comedian Paul Merton.

Paul is probably best known as a long running panellist on the TV show "Have I Got News For You", in which news is satirised along with different guests each week. Interestingly, the show has also featured in another Mandela Effect story where a few of the popular ones were covered.

It turns out one of the guests in the past was the evil paedophile Jimmy Saville, and Merton was on the panel as usual. The interesting thing is what he says in that clip when he is looking back at Savilles appearance on the show. He describes a supposed outtake where he, Merton, "tore into" Saville and exposed him - but he says this never happened. He says this has even got to the point where "there are people on the internet who claimed to have seen it.". Is he describing a false memory, or could it be an actual Mandela Effect from 1999 without him realizing it?