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Star Trek: Spock

MMDE: Dr. Spock

Current: Mr. Spock


Was the famous pointy eared Vulcan from the original Star Trek series called "Dr." or "Mr." Spock?

Many remember Dr. Spock, but the only evidence for this today is the renowned child pediatrician.

Apparently, when Gene Roddenberry had to come up with a name which would resonate with the audience, he thought of "Spock" having never heard of the pediatrician nor anyone real with the name.

Leonard Nimoy played Spock, who's first appearance was in the 1966 episode titled "The Man Trap". The character had a strong presence right through the movies and into the 21st century with the Star Trek: Discovery TV series.


Originally, the director of the 60's TV show wanted DeForest Kelley ("Bones") to play the Spock role, but Gene Rodenberry decided it should instead go to Leonard Nimoy.

He was also originally supposed to be a Martian, but there was a concern that an actual Mars mission might take place before the end of the 60's which would be very awkward for the series, so his home planet was changed to the fictional Vulcan.