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Mad Dog Murdock

Mad Dog Murdock

Howling Mad Murdock

Murdock's nickname?

Remember Mad Dog Murdock from the A-Team? If you do, you're apparently experiencing a Mandela Effect, because that wasn't his nickname. It was Howling Mad Murdock, with no reference to dogs or any other wild animals in sight.

He was never referenced once as Mad Dog, not even "MD" Murdock.

Keen Mandela Effect observers know this isn't the only one related to The A-Team. There's a well-known one relating to the color of their van.

The question regarding Murdocks nickname recently came up on Reddit, with a fairly even split amongst both nicknames being remembered.

Hugely popular

Scoring a massive 93% all-time approval rating, the A-Team ran from 1983 to 1987 and spawned a Hollywood movie in 2010. Famous for it's hugely distinctive and over-the-top characters, no-one really noticed the story as much as the multiple angles the same vehicle was shown exploding from, in response to the flimsiest of reasons, all the while without anyone getting hurt. This was all part of the charm, however, and the creators played up to this more and more as the seasons went on. 

The only continuing storyline was the teams attempt to clear their name from a mission they carried out as soldiers, only to find the evidence that they were acting under orders had all been destroyed, and hence were now being persued as criminals.

John "Hannibal" Smith was the leader of the group, and his speciality is being a master of disguise. Leading them back in Vietnam, he's the deal maker - the one the initial contact with the A-Team is usually made. He loves it when a plan comes together ;-) 

Murdock is the pilot, and was actually trained for a variety of aircraft.

BA Baracus was the huge, musclhead strongman of the group, often saving the team using his amazing strength alone. Known for his distinctive hair braidings, jewelry and one-line wisecracks, he was NOT to be messed with. His only fear is ... flying!

"Faceman" was the smoothie of the group, always dressed immaculately and the man you need when talking is to be done.


Some references to the Mad Dog name do exist:

murdock a team 300x300


Let's see how much Wikipedia clears things up:

Interestingly, unlike B.A., the initials H.M. were never explained in terms of what Murdock's actual first and middle name were, and the nickname "Howlin' Mad" were simply attributed to them (although it is rumored that his name comes from World War II Marine Corps General Holland M. Smith, aka "Howlin' Mad", a nickname given by his troops). Not even his driver's license reveals what "H.M" stands for.


Although many people clearly remember the A-Team, and all the characters fairly well too, Murdocks nickname of "Mag Dog" might just be a detail not really important enough to store accurately, so people just remember something along the lines of a Dog because of the "Howling" connection, but then lose the name itself. When asked to remember later, this "Dog" part comes back first but doesn't sit right on its own, so the more colorful "Mad Dog", the "Mad" making a better style with the "M" or "Murdock", is what comes back.