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The Man in the Moon

Seeing faces

MMDE: There was a strong pattern showing a mans face in the moon

Current: There was never a strong pattern showing a mans face in the moon

Througout history, people have reported seeing the patterns of the moon's craters and landsapes forming things humans recognise, such as rabbits, women or a boy.

There's a technical term for this "pareidolia" - where the mind sees a familiar pattern where none exists.

More recently, at least in the Northern hemisphere, many have reported remembering seeing "the man in the moon", a face which can be traced from these surface features forming eyes, a nose and a mouth. Some remember sometimes having to stare for a while before seeing it, whereas others saw it right away. When asked to check today, or at least at the next full moon, they are surprised to find the one they remember isn't there at all.

A cultural thing

The idea of a figure in the moon is ancient, and many cultures / religions have given rise to them.

There are reports of the moon changing it's appearance in other ways too: