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The Sun

The sun used to be yellow and is now white

The sun has always been white

Childhood memories

When you were a child and did a drawing of the sky, did you always color the sun yellow? Most did. Ever looked up today at the bright white one and wondered why that was? Some are saying there's more to this, and the sun really did used to be yellow. One group of people experiencing the Mandela Effect even offer an explanation to this - they say it's because it actually really is a different star, because at some point in the past the earth shifted 80,000 light years across the galaxy.

This isn't just a case of everyone remembering it only at sunset or sunrise - everyone agrees it's yellow then. This is concerned with the regular daytime sun.

Another explanation is that our eyes really do change with age, one effect being a yellow filter is applied.

It's more intense too

People have noticed the sun isn't just a different color - it's more intense, too. Or is this just your regular global warming? Some speculate this, or other pollution, but the problem there is the sun has become whiter, i.e. there seems to be less blocking it, rather than the other way round. However, the alternate to this applies also. Suppose in the past air pollutants did make the sun appear yellow, but things have slowly but surely improved so that it's now becoming more and more like it's natural color?

There could be a simple explanation. Children are taught to color the sun yellow because, well, that's the tradition to this day. If every child was always taught it, then years later notice it actually isn't, some of that childhood memory might kick in to cause them to think it's changed.