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Bolton Dinosaur

There was a huge dinosaur skeleton in the Bolton museum in the 1960's

There was no huge dinosaur skeleton in the Bolton museum in the 1960's

Vanished overnight

In the 23 Jan 2006 edition of the The Bolton News, an appeal is made for information relating to a missing dinosaur. No, this isn't the plot to an old Disney kids movie, but apparently another Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect.

Many people visiting the museum in the 1960's remember being impressed by a huge dinosaur skeleton. They even remember where it was - in the museum entrance.

Yet no records of this exist and museum staff are equally baffled.

The leader of the council, Alan Rushton, lends credibility to the story by being one of those who definitely remembers it:

Am I supposed to accept that my eyes deceived me, or this enormous dinosaur was a figment of my imagination? I remember as a schoolboy going on visits to the museum and standing in awe, looking at it. I raised the matter when I was on the arts committee but we were never able to find any trace of it.


Over 40 people remember the dinosaur being present. The local newspaper has issued an appeal. The council did go through their old records, but there was no mention of it. One officer suggested they may be confusing the model with another museum, and a random survey showed an equal 50:50 split for those who remembered it. There are photographs from when the museum opened in the 1930's, but they don't show any dinosaur. So that limits the period it would have been introduced to the span from World War 2 to the 1960's.

The problem here is the usual one regarding Mandela Effects - the incident took place such a long time ago that records would be scarce in any case.