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Smiley face on Mars

Happy to see you

Most people know of the face on Mars, a huge mountain-type structure first photographed by the Viking explorers in the 1970's which looks like a man in a helmet, but many are suprised to find out there is also a smiley face. It's a circular crater with two eyes and a curve for the mouth which is in the same design as the 70's hippy image, and the one used in the Watchmen comics/movies.

There seems to be more natural formations on Mars resembling humans than on earth. 

It's name is Galle after its discoverer Johann Gottfried Galle, who discovered the 230km wide anomaly in 1999.  

The term for seeing faces in patterns where there were none is pareidolia, and the actual textbook example given for this term on Wikipedia is the original Martian face.