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Lost 300 years

Phantom time hypothesis

What year is it? An innocent, if not naive question to most - but there are some who think we're actually in the 18th Century because the years AD 614-911 were "doctored" from the calendar we're now using, and any events we think occurred in that period either happened outside it or were fabricated.

Termed the Phantom Time Hypothesis, it was first proposed by German historian Heribert Illig in 1991.

The claim is that the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III changed the calendar to place himself at the special year of 1000 AD. This meant adding 297 years to the calendar of the middle ages, and the fabrication of any documents which contradicted this act.

The theory is controversial, and there is strong evidence against it. Documentation of solar eclipses throughout the ages exists which can be retrospectively confirmed by modern day astronomers to have occurred on the dates claimed, according to the traditional calendar.