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Early electric car

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 An electric car

First car to hit 100 kph in 1899?

When people hear the first car to hit 100 kph was electric in 1899, they think you're joking and might as well have said it was powered by the Flux Capacitor from "Back to the Future".

However, it's true, and it's an example of what some people point to as a Mandela Effect sub class termed "tech before it's time", where inventions which should be much more widely known due to their nature seem to suddenly appear in history from nowhere.

The speed record was achieved at Achères, Yvelines near Paris in France with 105.882 kph. No speeding tickets were issued ;-)

La Jamais Contente

The vehicle's English name was "The Never Satisfied", in French "La Jamais Contente".

Driven by the Belgian son of a rubber products tycoon, Camille Jenatzy, it was not clear at that time what would go on to dominate the mechanism by which vehicles would be powererd - oil, electricity or even coal!

The car was deliberately styled like a bullet to emphasize it's speed.

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In 1900, around half of the cars in the world were electric