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CERN logo

CERN logo has a single synchrotron

CERN logo has double synchrotrons

Count the Synchrotrons

CERN and the Mandela Effect have a very interesting relationship.

There is a a great deal of speculation regarding their particle experiments somehow having an influence over what people are experiencing with mass false memories.

They are no strangers to the ME themselves either - there is a well-known one concerning the Shiva statue outside one of their buildings.

However, this one concerns their logo - a supposed representation of the synchrotrons at the heart of their experiments. Was there one in the logo or two? Some are even claiming there used to be 3, making the 666 connection complete...

cern logo 2 300x300Even the CERN logo is a Mandela Effect

Officially, the logo today shows 2 synchrotrons but some remember it only having 1.

Also, some are claiming there is a sinister side to these because they could be viewed as 3 6's, which of course means the logo contains the fabled number of the beast, 666. It's not too far a stretch for those thinking this way to start connecting their experiments with opening gateways to hell and so on.

It can only add fuel to this fire when people learn the NeXT computer used by Sir Tim Berners-Lee became the worlds first web server, and his office there is the one in which the World Wide Web was created.


CERN are very particular about how their logo is used - here are the design guidelines.

The true origin of the design is almost boring in comparison.

Here's the lowdown from a "CERN insider":

"Ok, you know what, I'm not going to embarrass the people who have confused CERN's logo for the mark of the beast, specially since I'm nervous about this experiment myself. My time is particles, not planning the Earths destruction so I can shout at GOD "I won!" Below you will find out CERN's logos true origin, and the logo that didn't make the cut that would have really got everyone up in arms, which would have been understandable today.

CERN's logo is taken from the design of synchrotron particle accelerators. Originally the design was going to resemble the outline of a schematic of a synchrotron, but the problem with that, CERN's logo would have looked like a black hole. Not good. So what we did with this logo design was remove a couple lines, shorten and angle a line in the opposite direction, off center it all, then add another circle with a line sticking up to help break up the original design. And that's how CERN's logo came to be."