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British teeth

How do British teeth compare?

MMDE: Amongst the unhealthiest in the world

Current: Amongst the healthiest in the world

There's a popular feeling, outside of Britain for obvious reasons, that British teeth are amongst the unhealthiest in the world.

The BBC covered this and found the results to be surprising.

It found that as far back as 1963 the figure for the average number of missing or filled in teeth was 5.6, but since then the figure has steadily dropped and actually passed that of the US in the mid-1990's.

Movies and TV shows poking fun at this stereotype, such as Austin Powers or The Simpsons, haven't exactly helped the British cause in this respect.

The Hollywood smile

Everything you see on the media nowadays is carefully planned, so when you see dazzling white pearlies it's because that's what they wanted you to see. It's the same for bad teeth. Dentists across the world can make any look good, and the improvements made in this field mean treatment is accessible to most first world countries.