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Abraham Lincoln

Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian?

MMDE: Abraham Lincoln was a devout Christian

Current: Abraham Lincoln was not a devout Christian

Since he grew up in a deeply religious Baptist family, most people think it goes without saying that Abraham Lincoln was a Christian. After all, he's thought of today as the best President the US ever had.

One look at him gives the impression he's not only off to Church but wouldn't be out of place up there pounding the pulpit to the congregation. After all, this is the compassionate President who abolished slavery.

It comes as such a surprise, therefore, to people who hear he was not that it's being pointed to as a Mandela Effect. He never even became a church member.

Civil War

Lincoln was responsible for healing the US after it's bloody civil war. One aspect which isn't mentioned much about that is both sides actually had different ideas about the Bible.

Believe it or not, he was actually called an infidel at the time by various devout religious groups for not subscribing totally to their particular variant.

The only other non-Christian president was ... Thomas Jefferson