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Many mummies were found in the Pyramids

No mummies were found in the Pyramids

How many mummies were found in the Pyramids?

Ask most people what the Pyramids were built for, and the chances are they'll tell you they were the tombs of the Pharaohs. So if you then ask them how many mummies were discovered in them and they tell you "many", they might be experiencing a Mandela Effect because the answer today is none.

One explanation is that the tombs were robbed in ancient times. Whilst this is possible, experts point to the sarcopagus in the Khufu Pyramid being too small to hold a body. Other theories range from the mundane, such as the Pyramids actually only being built to store grain, to the extreme, such as them being power stations using energy of a form unknown to us today.

No Hieroglyphics

What's even wierder about this is there were no Hieroglyphics at all inside the Pyramids. Nothing on any wall, passageway etc. The Valley of the Kings is full of them, detailing everything from the lives of those buried there to the count of the number of bales of wheat which were traded.

Oddly enough, even though the daily details of the Pharaohs were documented in meticulous detail, the building of the nearby Pyramids themselves, which must have taken decades, wasn't mentioned at all...