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St Nicholas

What color were they before they were red?

MMDE: White

Current: Tan/green

Saint Nicholas was born in Greece in 270 AD. He was a bishop, so would have worn the appropriate bishops attire of the day.

He was known for being kind to children, often gifting them with presents as he travelled preaching the Christian word.

Many people who are aware the modern image of Santa Claus, in his red and white clothing with a huge white beard, is less than 100 years old, are surprised to hear how he looked originally. That's because they think he wore white flowing robes, whereas in fact they were mainly tan with a little green.


Saint Nicholas was a wealthy man. His parents left him a lot of money, which is how he could afford to give so many presents away. He helped the poor, and is even said to have given secret presents out - yes, there really was an actual secret Santa!

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