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The forbidden fruit was an apple

The forbidden fruit was not specified

What was the forbidden fruit?

Most people, when asked what the Forbidden Fruit in The Garden of Eden was, would say it was an apple. It's been depicted this way many times in artwork, literature, sculpture and so on down the centuries.

It comes as quite a surprise, therefore, to find out it's never been explicitly named as anything in any version of the Bible. It's always just been called "The Forbidden Fruit". Those who are sure it was named as an apple are experiencing an MMDE, which is being pointed to as a Mandela Effect.

The modern take is the fruit was actually, as in most Bible stories, an allegory which could just act as a "placeholder" for Gods word. In other words, it doesn't really matter what it actually is, what matters is that God told them not to do something yet they went ahead and did it anyway.


The Bible says a serpent decieved Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit, and as a result they lost their innocence.

Until then, they were unembarrassed at walking around naked, and unaware of good and evil even existing.

This is where the awareness of sin came from - in fact the act of eating the Forbidden Fruit is also known as The Original Sin.