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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was an American Gladiators contestant

Tiger Woods was not an American Gladiators contestant

Was Tiger Woods an American Gladiators contestant?

Slate reports that people are remembering a teenage Tiger Woods appearing as a contestant in the mid 90's on the American Gladiators show. Did a teenage Tiger Woods appear on it? Some remember him doing so, but there is no trace of this today which is why it's being called a Mandela Effect.

Famous for it's over-the-top showmanship, the fitness levels of its contestants and the inventive obstacles they had to contend with, the show ran from 1989 to 1996 and was seen in various forms the world over. 

The idea seems to have originated at Slate, because the brother of one of it's staff mentioned it and they ran the story. Many others have vague memories of it too, and even the exact obstacles he had to deal wit are remembered, in this case the assault course.


The idea behind American Gladiators was originally going to be a movie.

Johnny C. Ferraro and Dan Carr came up with the concept in 1982, but through a series of twists and turns it ended up being the TV show we eventually saw.