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The Unabomber was not an MK Ultra victim

The Unabomber was an MK Ultra victim

The Unabomber was an MK Ultra victim?

Well, this is a real twister. First we have the notorious MK Ultra programme, which was denied and ridiculed for years but turned out to be all too real, where the CIA conducted experiments aimed at using mind control on humans. Brainwashing was just the start - this moved onto everything ranging from using LSD to psychological torture

The Unabomber (real name Ted Kaczynski) was the terrorist who killed 3 people and injured 23 others when he carried out a bombing campaign between 1978 and 1995. His story is well-known, as is the lifestyle he led as a hermit in a shack in some remote forest.

What comes as quite the shock to most people is the fact he was an MK Ultra victim, yet this information is so widely available today it's being pointed to as "suddenly coming from nowhere", i.e. a Mandela Effect.

UNABOM Airline Bombings.

The name "Unabomber" came from the acronym UNABOM which the FBI gave to the operation to catch him - "University Airline Bombings".

The Unabomber was on a one man crusade to change the world. On September 19, 1995 he published his manifesto in The Washington Post and The New York Times.

He recieved 8 life sentences on January 22, 1998 for his crimes without the possibility of parole.