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The man from Taured

This story is not your regular MMDE. Usually, that's where a significant group of people remember the same thing which the rest say never happened. There is, however, an instance where several credible witnesses encountered an individual claiming, and presenting hard evidence for, a reality which none of them had encountered. This happened in 1954 and is known as "the man from Taured".

One unusually hot summers day in 1954, a passenger arrived at Tokyos Haneda airport. There was nothing immediately unusual about him - he was middle-aged, bearded, and looked to all intents and purposes exactly like any regular passenger making his way through customs. His passport showed he'd been to the same Tokyo airport before.

Where on earth was he from?

The problem was it had been issued from a country called "Taured", which no-one had heard of nor could find on a map.


Suspecting criminal activity, customs officers held the man in a nearby hotel with guards on the room. He had a checkbook from a bank which didn't exist, and no-one at the company he was travelling to had heard of him. Up until his arrival at customs, he had had a perfectly normal trip, but then he became just as baffled as the customs officers.

The next day he had vanished, along with all his luggage and supporting documentation. There was no way out of the room and it was several floors high. To this day the incident is still officially unresolved.