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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs first said 'Great artists steal'?

MMDE: Steve Jobs first said 'Good artists copy, great artists steal'

Current: Steve Jobs was not the first to say 'Good artists copy, great artists steal'

He was quoting Picasso.

He was also being deliberately mischievous, by stealing the quote itself. Yet somehow, this worked and most people today believe it was he who said it originally. Nicely done ;-)

There was always a fuss around Apple's products, and it must be said also concerning some of the other things Steve jobs said. For example, like telling a customer it was his fault he couldn't get a signal because he was "holding his phone wrong".


The idea Apple steals it's ideas is also the subject of another MMDE - the mouse. There has always been an on running competition around the iPhone and Android, with each borrowing the other's various ideas over the years. Steve Jobs even famously wowed at the end of his life to go "thermonuclear" on Google for stealing Android, even though other touch screen mobile phones, with most of the design ideas the iPhone featured, had been on the market for some years before it's launch.