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Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking received a nobel prize around 2010

Stephen Hawking did not receive a nobel prize around 2010

Awarded Nobel prize for physics

Stephen Hawking made a huge contribution to science, even having an actual effect named after him in the form of Hawking Radiation, which he theorised was "emitted" from black holes. His book, "a brief history of time", is recognised throughout the world as making the advanced ideas in quantum physics and cosmology accessible to the general public at large.

Many remember him being awarded a nobel prize around 2010, but this is not the case today. They even describe his award ceremony being shown on TV, and the acceptance speech he delivered with his computer-generated voice .

Of particular interest to those experiencing the Mandela Effect is the fact he was a supporter of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics, because this is a possible explanation for the effect itself.


Although he didn't recieve a nobel prize, he was certainly awarded many others.

To name but a few:

It's not clear if Stephen was aware of the Mandela Effect. He might have been from his work on the many-worlds theory, but in any case it's a good bet he'd be most intrigued by it, and may well have gotten his nobel prize had he managed to solve it ;-)