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Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons wore a headband...

MMDE: Almost always

Current: Rarely if at all

Before the internet, in the 1980's the keep fit craze was spread into people's homes via the new technology known as the video cassette. Popularised by Jane Fonda with her famous workout, the scene was set for a flamboyant male equivalent to make his mark. That came in the from of Richard Simmons from Hollywood - a funny, unlikely character who seemed to never be away from TV chat shows and celebrity functions.

However, many people picturing him in his zany striped shorts and flyaway frizzy hair also are sure they remember one distinctive trademark detail - his headband. 

It comes as quite a shock, therefore, when they are told he never wore one and despite the many images of him on the internet today, none of him sporting one can be found.

Acting career

Simmons has appeared in many well-known TV shows as a result of the fame he enjoyed following his high-profile fitness activities. These include General Hospital, Hollywood Squares and The Price is Right.