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Even he couldn't have predicted this

Googling for "Nostradamas" in English suggests you might have meant "Nostradamus" instead, but when you (currently) go ahead and search for that anyway, you get many references as well. So is this a spelling Mandela Effect change, or did this great man of mystery have an extra piece of wizardry up his sleeve, just lying in wait for 500 years, when his power to confuse Google would be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world?

Most people know the real controversy here is the vague wording in his prophesies, and the retroactive modern-day reinterpretation of them after the event. For example, he predicted the rise of Hister, which everyone assumed meant Hitler, but in fact the Hister was the name of a river, so was he merely saying one day it might rain a lot more than usual and cause it to swell?

Les Propheties

Michel de Nostradamus was from a Jewish family which converted to Christianity before he was born in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, making him a French Catholic. His book, Les Prophéties, was published in 1555. Few people realise it's rarely been out of print since then - beating the King James Bible by 50 years.

His name came from his father, Jacques de Nostredame who was a physician and took the forename "Pierre" with the surname "Nostredame" (Our Lady), from the saint on whose day his conversion from Judaism to Christianity was solemnised.

He was following his fathers career and working in medicine when he visited Italy, and began to dabble in the occult, in the form of horoscopes, good luck charms, far seeing etc. He wrote an almanac in 1550 and for the first time used his new name of Nostradmus. It was such a success he decided to write one each year, and in total ended up with 6,338 prophecies, which went on to form the main content of Les Prophéties.