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Mick Foley

Died in a cage match in 1998

Did not die in a cage match in 1998

Hell in a Cell

People are remembering pro wrestler Mick Foley dying in a cage match when WWE was known as WWF. The cage match was called Hell in a Cell and took place in 1998.

They remember the roof of the cage ripping and him falling to his death. He was survived by his wife and children. In the current version of events, pro wrestler Mick Foley is thrown from the top of the cage twice, but managed to survive. The naysayers will say that they are being confused by the death in 1998 of pro wrestler Owen Hart, when he was being lowered from the ceiling down in front of a live audience. The line "snapped" and Owen fell to his death.

Presently, Mick Foley is alive and well, and it would be a brave soul indeed who questioned him about this to his face ;-)

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The problem is most people who were WWF fans back then aren't following it any more. In other words, they were kids and are now adults relying on vague memories from a sport notorious for theatre and exaggeration. The the story of a wrester dying in the ring but being light on the rest of the details has all the makings of this kind of false memory.