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Meat loaf


Meat Loaf

The "Bat out of Hell" singer?

We're not talking about the food here!

Many people are reporting they are sure there was no space between "Meat" and "Loaf" in the name of the larger than life American singer famous for "Bat out of Hell".

The way it is today shows a space everywhere, and where it doesn't it's referring to the food. Hardcore fans are reporting they pay attention to these kinds of details, and some are saying the album covers have changed too, Bruce Springsteen style.

The Bat out of Hell album trilogy has sold over 50m copies worldwide, and the original Bat out of Hell album is one of the best selling albums in history. So how can there be any confusion whatsoever over how his name appeared?

Michael Lee Aday

Born Michael Lee Aday in 1947, Dallas, his father became an alcoholic following a serious shrapnel wound during his service in WW2. His mother was a school teacher who sang gospel in a quartet. The name Meat Loaf came from a football coach playing on the "M .. L" of his name and his size. His first gig was in 1968 as support for Van Morrison's band Them. His band changed names many times. One name used was Floating Circus, with which he played support for The Who, The Stooges and The Grateful Dead  amongst others. He then joined the musical Hair, which brought him to the attention of Motown who offered him an album deal as a duet. This was with Shaun "Stoney" Murphy, and it was titled "Stoney & Meatloaf", with no space between the words. It's not very likely this is what's causing the confusion, however, since his career prior to his "Bat out of Hell" days is not something people are widely aware of.