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Leonardo Di Caprio

He won again?

MMDE: Leonardo Di Caprio won an Oscar before 2016

Current: Leonardo Di Caprio won his first Oscar in 2016

Many people were surprised to hear that the Oscar Leonardo Di Caprio won in 2016 was his first, and are claiming this is a Mandela Effect.

The are sure they remember the ceremony, and even got a strong sense of deja-vu when they saw the 2016 one because they thought his acceptance speech was uncannily similar to the one he gave earlier.

It's been suggested they are confusing this with the BAFTAs, but they are clear they are well aware of that and this is definitely the Oscars.

A Titanic delay

There are reports Di Caprio winning the best actor award for the 1999 Titanic, but records today show that wasn't the case. He'd actually been nominated for 22 years, the first being the 1994 movie "What's eating Gilbert Grape?".