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Kurt Cobain

There is a famous poster of him wearing it

There are no photographs of it

Woah - it changed during the eclipse?

Many people remember Kurt Cobain wearing a huge pink fluffy jacket in a well-known image, often seen in posters on walls. The trouble is, not only does no record of this exist today but some are saying the same poster they still have up actually changed into one where he is wearing a leopard-skin print, and it happened during the eclipse of summer 2017.

Many hard core Nirvana fans have jumped on this one - for them, this is much more than just a false memory because they idolised him and know intimately every details of his life.

Described as looking like the pink fur on a muppet, he seemed to have donned this with his trademark white sunglasses to deliberately look as ridiculous as possible, yet somehow still ended up looking cool in a unique way. This just served to sum up the charm and enigma of the guy.


There is apparently some actual evidence related to this which was caught by someone investigating it. The story is when this first came up as a Mandela Effect, many remembered the pink jacket and were sure they could just search the internet for it. Reddit user u/u/Anekcm33 found one on Bing which "Seemed to be a glitch but would become normal after a few seconds.". The strange thing was, this happened for a group of people too. It was possible to catch a screenshot as this happened. This was whilst searching for ""Kurt Cobain's pink feather jacket":

kurt cobain glitch 450x550

Phone wallpaper

It's also been reported that the photo was a popular wallpaper screen on mobile phones, and whilst no-one can find this either, they are saying that whilst they remember having it around the time of the eclipse, not one of them can remember specifically deleting it.