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He couldn't escape death - but just how did he die?

It's recorded today that Houdini died as a result of a freak incident where he was struck in the stomach as a strength test, but this burst his appendix, causing his demise a few days later. Some are saying they remember it differently, and instead he drowned during one of his stage acts. Are they experiencing a Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect?

There might be a straight forward explanation for this one.

In 1953, Tony Curtis starred in a popular movie of Houdini's life, and critics have consistently pointed out several factual errors in the film. It shows him dying on stage in the arms of his wife after nearly drowning in a water tank escape trick.

As time went by, it could just be that more people first encountered Houdini the way they saw him in the movie, so the blame for this one lies at the door of Hollywood's artistic license.